Webinar: Understanding Domestic Violence – Forms, Dynamics, and Myths


One in three Canadian women experience abuse from an intimate partner. This webinar will unpack myths related to domestic violence and broaden our understanding of its forms and impact. We will look at barriers to disclosing abuse and how we can start to address this hidden epidemic in our faith communities. Presented by: Dr. Deborah-Zita […]


Webinar: How to support women experiencing abuse

As support people, how will we recognize the signs of abuse when we see them? How can we respond in the best ways possible to increase women’s safety and allow women to make their own decisions? In this workshop, Karen will offer concrete, proven tools to be effective in supporting women experiencing abuse. Presented by: […]


Webinar: Working With Men Who Have Been Abusive

How do we walk with men who use abuse in their relationships? How do we apply a transformative justice model to domestic violence? In this webinar Magi will discuss accountability, the work required for men wanting to change, and how to offer support. Presented by: Magi Cooper Magi Cooper has been a dedicated advocate for […]


Unmute: The Impact of a Pandemic on Gender-Based Violence (online)


UNMUTE is a forum theatre piece that addresses the rise of domestic violence and gender-based assault during COVID-19. While a family’s life may seem normal from the other side of the screen, abuse is lurking behind closed doors. Immerse yourself in this important and timely piece that gives audience members the chance to rehearse scenarios […]


Webinar with Scot McKnight On Creating Cultures that Resist Abuse and Promote Healing

This Summer, Safe Church Ministry of the Christian Reformed Church of North America is hosting a webinar with Dr Scott McKnight. Dr. Scot Mcknight is the author of The Jesus Creed, Blue Parakeet, numerous bible commentaries and most recently, The Church Called Tov. Scot is a professor and theologian, currently on faculty at Northern Seminary […]

Behind Closed Doors: The Church and Domestic Abuse in Christian Homes – Webinar


November is Domestic Violence Awareness month; a time to raise awareness that domestic violence impacts millions of people. It's a problem across every gender, status, culture, religion and race - and it's one we all have a part in addressing. This November, MCC Manitoba will be hosting a two-part webinar series especially for faith leaders - to offer […]

Opening Closed Doors: The Bible, Pastoral Care, and the Challenges of Domestic Abuse – Webinar

As a result of the historical silence surrounding domestic abuse in Christian homes, pastors report feeling ill-equipped to respond effectively. This webinar explores life-giving readings of the Biblical text that can contribute to meaningful and positive pastoral engagement, opening doors to healing and hope. Presented by: Cameron McKenzie Cameron joined Fort Garry Evangelical Mennonite Church […]

Webinar: A guide for responding to congregational sexual harassment and abuse

On April 27th (CT) we are hosting a webinar to unpack one of our latest church resources, A Guide For Responding to Congregational Sexual Harassment and Abuse.   This guide is a practical resource intended to help congregations respond to cases of sexual harm (not involving leaders or children). The guide is informed by the […]

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