*Please note that this is a list of workshops offered by the Abuse Response and Prevention Program in Manitoba. The TAB workshop is offered out of all our offices. Please contact a provincial coordinator to learn which of these workshops can be offered in your province.

Prevention & Response to Sexual Harm

This workshop explores myths and misconceptions around sexual violence and how to actively prevent and compassionately respond to sexual harms in our organizations, schools, and faith-communities.

Healthy Pastoral Boundaries

Church-leaders navigate relational boundaries and gray areas constantly. It is essential to maintain life-giving and appropriate boundaries in order to carry out the work of ministry. This training covers a host of important topics such as: power and vulnerability, the responsibility and challenges of boundary-setting,  clergy sexual misconduct, self-care and self-awareness. And touches on difficult areas such as friendship, dating, and dual relationships.

The Active Bystander

This training teaches participants how best to intervene when they are witness to abusive, isolating or stigmatizing behaviour. It is suitable with for school groups, faith communities, and organizations seeking to promote safer communities through direct, non-violent action.

Healthy Relationships

How do we know if a relationship is healthy or not? What constitutes an abusive relationship? What can we do if we or someone we love is being harmed on controlled in a relationship? This workshop addresses the differences between a healthy, unhealthy, and abusive relationship. It looks at barriers to getting help, red-flags, and how to care for self and others impacted by a harmful relationship.


Sister walk is a full day training geared for women who are supporting or working with women impacted by intimate partner violence. The aim is to equip women to understand the forms and impacts of abuse, to unpack their own assumptions, and to learn how to care for others in a compassionate and healthy way while also caring for self.

Power and Healthy Boundaries

This workshop is geared for leaders, teachers, volunteers, camp-staff, etc, who are working with children or other vulnerable peoples. It focuses on what it means to hold power and how to use a position of trust to relate appropriately for those in our care. It will touch on different types of healthy boundaries to have in place and guidelines for navigating difficult situations.

Compassionate Responder

A survivor’s perception of support is the number one indicator of the quality of their recovery. Anyone who discloses an experience of harassment or abuse should receive a response that does no further harm and honors their needs for healing and justice. This workshop looks at common errors and spiritual pitfalls that get in the way of a healing-centered response, offering practical and supportive ways to walk with someone who has experienced abuse.


Healthy Relationships

This workshop is an adapted version of the ‘Healthy Relationship’ workshop for adults. See above. It includes activities and videos geared for ages 14-18.

Media and Gender Stereotypes

The media and culture at large bombards us with messages around what it means to be a boy or a girl and how to be in relationships with one another. Most of these messages do not promote the holistic well-being of young people. This workshops focus on how media messages influence our understanding of boundaries, communication, and roles in relationships. The goal is to help young people critically analyze media messages and live out life-giving and Christ-centered values in their relationships.

Sexual Harm and Allyship

This workshop helps young people identify sexual harm by exploring the differences between sexual harassment, assault, and exploitation. Special attention will be given to online sexual violence – how to spot it and what to do about it. Time is also spent looking at myths and misconceptions around sexual violence and how we can all play a part in responding to or intervening when we hear or see someone behave in a disrespectful way.

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