One:           We gather in the name of God, who loves us and who is in our midst.

  All:            We gather in the name of the One who proclaims justice and mercy.

One:           We gather to name our sorrow and share new visions.

  All:            We gather to heal our pain and rekindle our hope.

One:           We gather because the journey is long.

  All:            We gather because we hunger and thirst for a new heaven and a new earth.

 One:           The spirit of life has called us to be together.

   All:           The spirit of compassion has called all of creation to be transformed by love.

One:          May this gathering serve to strengthen, encourage, and renew us.

   All:           Thanks be to God.

Adapted from Fire in the Rose: Churches Exploring Abuse and Healing by Louise Briscoe, The Church Council on Justice and Corrections, Ottawa, 1998.

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