Are we listening?

Grandparent: Many of us have been blessed with a full life, a journey that has taught us many things and encouraged us to laugh often and share God’s love.

Our hearing is not always what it used to be, and at times it is easy to think it is time for someone else to listen.

Help us continue to listen, for the hope of today’s children depends on listening ears – my listening ears.


Parent: Many of us have been blessed with an active family and a busy lifestyle. Amid the blur of our daily schedule, it is hard to hear beyond our own concerns.

I know there are cries for help and they tug at a parent’s heart, but surely someone else is listening who is not as busy as I am.

Help us seek the balance in our life that allows us to listen. The hope of our children needs my listening ears, too.


Teenager: Many of us are beginning to find our own way. We have our own daily struggles including school, jobs, sports, friends.

When we listen, we hear struggles of a different kind. Struggles of food, shelter, and clean water.

I know there is hope when we listen. The hope of my brothers and sisters depends on my listening ears, too.


All three readers: God’s love surrounds us and gives us the courage to respond.

Are you listening?


Adapted from Is Anybody Listening? An Intergenerational Worship, by Nancy Chegus.

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