A persistent question in the church concerns the relationship between women and men.  What did God envision?  Should women and men work together as equal partners, or have clearly defined roles and responsibilities?  And who should take the lead?

This is an important question which deeply affects relationships between men and women, and whether they will be rooted in respect or in patterns of domination and subordination.

Although much of church history has assumed male leadership and distinct gender roles, there are also strong voices in the Bible which support equality and mutuality between men and women.  There are also many situations in which individual gifts and abilities determined responsibilities more than gender.

One helpful resource examining what the Bible teaches is:

Created Equal: Women and Men in God’s Image, by Linda Gehman Peachey, MCC, 2009. This 36 page booklet responds to frequently asked questions about creation, the fall and some of Paul’s writings. It also includes questions for further reflection and discussion, and a list of additional resources. Also available for download in PDF format.

Other helpful articles and resources can be found at:

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