Vision for an Alternative Future

Begin by reading Isaiah 65:17-25 or Luke 4:16-21.

One:  Without the vision of a better future, the world seems hopeless.

Invite those present to share some signs of hope and their vision for a better future. After a vision has been shared, the group may respond. “So be it.”

One:   We offer ourselves to you, O God our Creator.

All:      May we be instruments of your healing.

One:   We offer our hearts and our tears as the hurt of victims of abuse echoes within us.

All:      We offer our anger. Make it a passion for justice. We offer all our skills. Use our gifts to end violence.

One:   May we be co-creators with you of a world where all are safe and free.

All:      May She who is Strength of Life lead us to New Life.  May He who had Courage to confront inspire us.  And may Love be      our constant Companion.  Amen.

Adapted from December 6th Services Worship Resources provided by Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada, and found in Fire in the Rose: Churches Exploring Abuse and Healing, by Louise Briscoe, The Church Council on Justice and Corrections, Ottawa, 1998.

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