Easter Morning

Christ speaks to us newly resurrected and says…
“I have removed the stone from your tomb.”

He speaks to us in our lives as he finds us now.
He speaks to us as the eternity we will have in the future.

But especially to us as women
who have been “entombed” in soul killing relationships ~
it is a truth he wants us to awaken to.
He has removed the “stone from our tomb”.
In more than a figurative way, we are a bit like Lazarus
Wrapped and feeling like we have been stinking dead
for four or forty years…
We hear at first a faint voice…
“Arise, come forth!”
It stirs something in us.
We become aware of the possibility of life.

What the support group does as activators or facilitators of this
Call to New Life
is help us remove the grave clothes
that we have hopped out in
and find out how to live in a world where we
have become used to being dead to hope.

Here in the light of a new day ~ a type of Easter morning
We can hear the words of Christ
~ “Arise!” ~

And as the light pours into our lives,
realize more fully each day that he has, is and eternally ongoing

removing the stone from our tomb.

It is into the face of this Man that we should look
for the hope of our lives…
he has been there all the time ~
but like Mary Magdalene at the tomb
we did not always recognize him.

By Lorna Joyce Masters, 2010

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