Healthy Boundaries Training

For pastors: It is important for pastors to be aware of the inherent power afforded to them in their role as leader. When leaders deny that they hold power it only increases the likelihood that they will misuse their power. One needs to be aware of their power in order to steward it well.

It is essential that pastors are equipped with Healthy Boundaries Training on a regular basis. Denominations must ensure that all their pastors are skilled at navigating the relational challenges of ministry which includes education around: power, boundary violations, gray areas, self-care, self-awareness, healthy boundaries.

FaithTrust Institute trains facilitators and church leaders on a yearly basis:

The MCC offices in Manitoba and B.C. are also able to provide denominations with healthy boundaries training for pastors. Please contact us for more information.

For volunteers, Sunday school teachers, and youth leaders: While child protection policies offer guidelines around appropriate boundaries when working with children and youth, it is essential to go deeper and understand the power issues that underlie the relationships between adults and children, youth, and other vulnerable people. To better equip adult teachers, volunteers, and leaders in their ministry, churches must offer on-going training in issues of power and healthy boundaries.

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